Monday, 9 August 2010

Button Club

So I love buttons, I find them wonderfully pleasing objects they can be both decorative and functional. I like vintage buttons especially and contemporary handcrafted buttons, I'm quite drawn to labored processes that make small things pretty. Over the years I've met many a good friend that share a fondness of buttons and little parcels get sent back and forth every once in a while, buttons are best shared (unless they are the chocolate variety, I'm not that nice).

I made these that have been taken off by Mr postie to a new button club member, hand stitched from a selection of quirky liberty prints 19mm. 

Be expecting all sorts of buttony treats from me very soon, I've been busy!


  1. Ooh I love buttons too! I am also really liking the ones you have made for button club! If you dont mind me asking, what is button club?

  2. These are lovely - really gorgeous. Am going to have to think of something that I can use some on!!

  3. Thank you ladies! Button club is a bit of fun, sadly not a 'real' club but creative friends I've swapped all kinds of button treats with over the years.


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