Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Brooches On My Head

I have a vast brooch collection and there's no sign of it slowing anytime soon. Having pinned them to virtually every surface/object possible I started wearing them on head scarves lately. Teamed with my recent awakened desire for head decoration and millinery I'm loving the new possibilities. My problem with just making pretty headwear is, but what if i want to wear it somewhere else? on my bag.. coat, cardi oh decisions, decisions.

The very issue came up when making bows for the lovely Laura, my she draws bow is stuck on my hat which i LOVE but simply cannot wear enough but would wear the bow on lots of things. Decision made, attach brooch backs to bows so they are versatile and make padded headbands to happily pin any kind of brooch to... works a dream.

(hand stitched fabric covered button center)

So here we have it some special bows made using the tea theme screen printed fabric by She Draws (and some Magic Alice bow fabric) with my padded headband which I've found is a rather excellent way to wear any kind of brooch on your head.


  1. This idea is super!

    I get what you mean now too, I wasn't quite sure before, but it's great! You can put loads of other nice brooches on too, and vintage ones for weddings! Argh, the possibilities. I have so many brooches.

    I am loving your "growing out" hair too, so cute, like a little nymph!

  2. oooh!!! i love these! i want one! xxx

  3. Glad you like yours Miss Draws!

    Zeena I could make you a bow out of your printed fabric if you like? Bow maker to the clever printed pretties.


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