Sunday, 25 July 2010

Wedding Birds In The Making

For the the last six months I've been industriously busy designing and making intricate stitched birds for a wedding. Working closely with the wedding dress maker, and the bride to be to come come up with the perfect dress. The wedding was to be based around the theme of British birds and the colour scheme was taken from the brides bespoke colourful engagement ring, it promised to be a handcrafted visual celebration as both the creative bride and groom have a quirky eye for detail. Being both very good friends of mine I was honored to be involved in their special day.

The bride and I searched through many a vintage bird illustration, simplified them with line and coloured them. Then came stitch samplers of various stages, I wanted to create different tone and texture through use of simple directional stitch. The wedding was very British and vintage tea party in theme so I was drawn to keeping the birds quite playful and craft like in their cross stitch, blackwork nature. The birds were finally stitched onto Liberty fabric so that the flower print detail would delicately show through some areas of the bird when appliqued onto the dress, the legs would then be stitched directly onto the dress lace so that it appeared that the birds were perched in the lace (a week before the wedding).

As well as the dress birds there were embroidered buttons to be made, guest book, and an evening fascinator.


  1. These are simply beautiful! What a gorgeous project to be involved in :)

    Hope we get to see some pics of the finished dress

  2. Thanks so much! I've been wanting to show them for so long now, it's been such an exciting creative project. More pictures soon.

  3. So lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished dress too :)


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