Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Time For Tea

I had the most fabulous weekend filled with treats and creative goodness and above all gorgeously lovely friends. I've been super busy lately on top secret wedding missions and at last the first part has come to fruition, the Hen do, what a fantastic success! it was soooo good to see all my friends creative plans come together so well it accidentally became quite a mammoth affair! The theme was Queen of Hearts, Wonderland and tea parties, we even had a magician. My part to play was to make a Queen of Hearts inspired costume and accessores for the bride to be, themed headwear for the 25ish henettes and my own wonderland costume (which eneded up being a pocket watch). As ever I got more than a little carried away and ended up making LOTS when the idea was to keep it simple, I'm not sure I know the meaning of that word.

So to start of heres my fascinator that I wore...

Time For Tea Facinator : Red felt teardrop fascinator base trimed in East of India heart check ribbon. Hand stitched over sized bow made from screen printed She Draws tea cup and teapot fabric. The centre of the bow is tied with screen printed fabric from Magic Alice, bows and clock detail, and finished with my favourite teapot button. Fixed onto a spotted red and white alice band.


  1. OMG I want a shedraws bow, how did you make it look sooooo nice!

  2. I want to wear it all the time!!! really simple to make.


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