Monday, 19 July 2010

Queen Of Hearts

When working on ideas for the bridal hen Queen of Hearts costume I was largely inspired by vintage tea party styling with quirky modern prints rather than classic Alice in Wonderland costuming and illustrations, although I do very much love these. I wanted to design an outfit with different accessories that could be worn for the daytime tea party and then dressed up for a night out later.

She Draws charm - 'God save the Queen', East of India Ribbon.

Hand stitched screen printed fabrics by Magic Alice (keys, crowns, hearts)
and She Draws (teapots, tea cups)

Playing card patch made using printable iron on transfers and felt and a fabulous illustration of the bride to be by Leighton Johns.

Veil option to be worn on its own, playing card brooch or flamingo brooches can be pinned to the rose fabric top, or it can be fixed inside the hat. The roses are from the Wonderland Liberty Print.

Hand stitched 1940's style percher hat, I made a crown out of birds from Henry Alexander Bird Seed fabric as the Bride and Groom are quite bird obsessed (not just me) and the theme runs throughout their wedding. The fabric wrapped around the hat is Liberty Wonderland print, this has been hand sewn with embroidery details.

I had such fun planning and making this costume and all the henette accessories i very nearly ran out of time to make something for myself. It was such an brilliantly fun day.

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  1. this is amazing ! you are such a good friend for doing all this, so much attention to detail, love it!


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