Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Henettes : Part 2

As promised how to make a simple heart headband...

Step 1: Firstly meet my HUGE heart shaped hole punch, oh how I enjoy a good hole punch/die cutter of which I have many. To make one heart you will need 2 playing cards, one decorative back pattern and a playing card of your choice. For the Queen of Hearts hen party theme I chose to go with the hearts throughout placing the cards at an angle allowed me to make a focal point of the embellishment later.

Step 2: Stick the two cards together with some double sided tape, and your heart template is complete. Although these are strong linen cards I wanted them to withstand the test of disco dancing so I thought it best to laminate them for strength and I like the high shine.

Step 3: Laminate and trim, take care to leave a good boarder around the edge of the heart so the plastic can stick well as the cards are thick.

Step 4: Embellish using She Draws tea party buttons, and East of India ribbon. The buttons are simply sewn directly onto the heart with a strong needle and cotton.

Step 5: The back, this is where the fun begins, I chose to do these two ways manly because I can't help but make work for myself. The simple way is on the left, strip of felt with a generous amount of glue on each end, so that the alice band can slide through after, much easier to transport. If you are making for yourself you can glue straight onto band, the felt gives it extra support. The other option is the brooch/headband option, I glued a brooch pin on the back and attached a felt pad to the the alice band that way it could be worn as a brooch or headband. I'm not mad it was mainly for the bridesmaids who were wearing Alice in Wonderland theme costumes during the day and wanted to wear a brooch but wanted a disco headband for the evening - problem solved!

 Step 6: Place on your head, have a cup of tea or do a little dance.


  1. Oh my god. I still can't get over the GIANT HEART HOLE PUNCH!!!

  2. Do I confess to all that it is not actually my largest hole punch? yep I did say I owned a few and my most comedy huge hole punch is 9cm in diameter. MASSIVE.

  3. You've opened my eyes to a whole new world of fun. I need to look out for hole punches. The only one I ever had was a tiny butterfly one but soon got bored of that. But GIANT ones...


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