Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Henettes : Part 1

 Queen of Hearts illustration by Leighton Johns
 Tea party decorations
 The Henettes in their head bands and brooches
The wonderful Queen of Hearts Tea Party Chic

For the next installment of the Queen of Hearts hen weekend makings we have the Henette headwear and brooches. My challenge was to make about 30 headbands/brooches on a small budget, and not my usual intricate time consuming manner. Following the Wonderland Queen of Hearts and Tea Party theme as a point of inspiration I thought a simple combination of graphical pattern playing cards would make for super cute headwear. Being the henettes they all had to be heart cards and I went for an oversized heart shape which framed the cards perfectly and decorated them with a selection of she draws tea party themed buttons. They were really simple to make, within budget and most importantly lasted the test of disco dancing! Phew! Part 2, I'll blog how I made them.

 Extra special Queenie brooch
 Extra special brooches - 10 out of 10 for the Bridesmaids
 Henette headband and brooch designs
A fun 'Ace' one I made for Adrianna (even though i wanted it myself)
I kept this one instead :)

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  1. I love everything you made. This is such a brilliant hen theme and you did it so well. x


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