Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Stitched Self

As a break between other projects on an evening I've been quite captivated lately with making a tiny stitched self for Stitch Yourself Stitch London, the idea is you craft a tiny self either by sewing, knitting or crochet and the tiny little people will be displayed on the re-opening night of the Science Museum Who Am I? exhibition and an event by Stitch London. I love small things and tiny challenges so thought this would be great fun and indeed it was, but I have to admit to getting quite carried away and even made miniature Liberty print underwear, as I said I got carried away!

Here's some images from start to completion entirely hand stitched...

Firstly the base body made from a paper pattern that I sketched to scale, I chose the fabric for the oversized print detail, I work so much with printed fabric that I liked the idea of my stitched self being made of print. The joints have a cross stitch. The finished self worked out as 14cm a little shorter than intended due to a foot/leg mishap so its a little more monkey armed than I am in real life, but amusingly sleeves are always too short for me, so maybe i do have monkey arms.

Ok, so this is where I went off on a tangent but I couldn't resist making a matching miniature set of 'Nina' Liberty print under garments  with a lace trim and silk ribbons, the very best fun to make.

The dress, is made from a rectangle folded and hand stitched to fit the form of the doll.

My darts are a little out (sorry mother) every thing is super tricky when working at such a small scale and  I'm very used to small scale and tiny stitches.

There had to be a little bird about my person somewhere, this little fella is taken form the Strawberry Thief Liberty print fabric.

I live in trainers, so I was torn between making myself a dreamy pair of shoes as I'd very much love to wear shoes but the idea of teeny Nike Air Max won out in the end, made from felt and hand embellished.

And here we are both looking rather pleased with ourselves!


  1. what a doll! ha ha luvly undies

  2. Amazing! The underwear alone is impressive. :)

  3. Teresa Teasdale24 June 2010 at 13:38

    Mami would approve! Well done, it's so you. Tress x

  4. Wow Sami, it is fab! I love the attention to detail.

    It really is a mini Sami! x (From Rosi)


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