Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Mr Love Is & Little Miss All You Need

These little birdies are the stitched illustrations of the lovely Lee May of Bonbi Forest. I totally fell in love with these little illustrated fellas who feature on the All You Need Is Love hand printed card and thought the delicate mark making would suit my intricate stitch work. I stitch to relax but stitching is also my work so sometimes I like to have totally different stitch projects on the go that just aren't 'work'. The past few months I've been quite busy working on top secret stitched treats for a friends wedding, its been quite wedding-tastic and full of love in the teasemade studio of late. So when Miss Bonbi Forest and Mr Pens and Pencils (and Pens) tied the birdie knot I thought it would be nice to stitch for them one of Lee Mays love birds, I'm quite pleased with how they came out. The idea was to make one, but they make such a lovely pair I just had to make his little friend!

The birds are hand stitched onto Liberty print 'Bird Song' chosen for its  grey branches and triangle details as patterns often feature in Lee May's work so i thought that would be complementary. They are approx 9cm x 5cm. The birds have brooch backs so that they can be worn or pinned to things. I'm always pinning brooches to things if it stays still long enough, my personal collection is ever growing and i like to look at them rather than hide them away.

To see these little tweeters displayed in their happy home take a look here... I think they love being by the seaside.

love love love x 

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