Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Mr Blue : Début As A Brooch

A while back a set myself a button challenge as part of a swap of fitting a tiny detailed Blue Tit on a fabric covered button although he stole my heart and that of many, my poor little fingers and eyes could not make more of them. I've developed the design and made it larger which which has allowed for lots more tiny detail, I don't like to make life easy for myself. There is something about Mr Blues loose sketch feathers that make him become alive with more detail, so the extra room on the large brooch has allowed for more freedom of textural markings... or maybe I'm just spending far too much time stitching birds these days! I've also been working on some other top secret bird projects for a while now which are very excitingly but aren't quite finished yet, so expect more feathered friends to be fluttering by to say hello every now and again.

For now please enjoy Mr Blue, he's a shy little fellow but super friendly.

Mr Blue : Brooch (large 5cm). Hand stitched Blue Tit on 'Nina' Tana Lawn Liberty print.

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