Thursday, 15 April 2010

Mr Grey & Little Hoot

New into the shop this week are these pendant designs, Mr Grey and Little Hoot full of the joys of spring. Each uses an eyelet design I've been working on lately which has enabled me to experiment with new shapes and positioning, giving me greater freedom. I've also been collecting some beautiful new fabrics so expect some exciting treats to be finding their way here shortly.

For Now I leave you with Mr Grey : Love Token Pendant, hand stitched made from Liberty Print fabric designed by Grayson Perry, leather backed with a cheeky little squirrel munching on a tiny acorn. The illustrated little faces reminded me of acorns, which I'm not sure if was Mr Perry's intention but thats what happens when there are tiny silver squirrels running around my studio!

and Little Hoot : Leaf Pendant, hand stitched liberty print fabric, leather backed with a little owl perched on a branch.


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