Thursday, 29 April 2010

Embroidered Scissor & Yarn Buttons

Since the Feeling Stitchy button swap that I was involved in I've had such overwhelmingly lovely feedback on my flickr photos and blog that it's only given me more of an excuse to make more. Small things are so addictive anyway and buttons make such lovely little objects, i am quite a hoarder of such treasures but I love using them on crafty projects, to freshen up an old garment, bags or make jewellery from them, anything and everything really, buttons have no limits as far as I'm concerned.  So I've started playing with different sizes and colour ways of scissor and yarn buttons, 29mm and 19mm. I've also been working on an 11mm tiny button challenge but I'll save that excitement for another time, for now enjoy these treats...

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  1. Ive been having a look round your blog and so many gorgeous finds, very detailed, love Mr Blue and the little balls of wool are so cute and original x


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