Saturday, 20 March 2010

Make Do And Mend : A Buttonhole Tale

I was rather excited to find a copy of Make Do and Mend this week in my local bookshop, I do so love vintage illustrations, craft manuals and patterns especially. I was taught to sew by my mother from such an early age that I can't actually remember not sewing or at least I would sit watching her make and alter clothes, passing her things that she needed, I liked that best. I'm really lucky to still have a Spanish correspondence sewing course that she took in the early 60's complete with her hand sewn task samples. It's a fantastic collection but made extra special by the fact that it belongs to my mum.

I've taken some photos to highlight a particular memory that I have of being shown buttonhole making by hand. The photos show my mum's 1960's sample/Spanish booklet/Make Do and Mend. I remember being captivated by the process and in total wonderment that hands, a needle and thread could produce something so functional yet beautiful without the need for a sewing machine... well I think back then all I thought was wow I want to do that.

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  1. I have a fantastic old book called 'The Pictoral Guide to Modern Home Neddlecraft' that I bought whilst at art college. I used it to learn how to make a bodice block, and I still dip into it now and again for advice - love old sewing books x


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