Friday, 26 February 2010


Ok so I'm not usually very good at this sort of thing, but the fact it involves delving into the depths of my photo albums caught my attention, I wondered what I might find. I was tagged by the fabulous Lee May Foster whose delightful creativeness is a pleasure to behold, take a look at her treasure trove of goodies that is Bonbi Forest you won't be disappointed.

The rules of the game are, 1: open your first photo folder, 2: scroll to the 10th photo, 3: post the story behind it, 4: tag 5 or more people to continue the thread.
So here is my photo...

A strange one in terms of photos, but a nice teasemade story. It's a close up shot of my armchair that I had newly upholstered with Laura Ashley fabric 2005 I think, my first ever attempt just loose cover upholstery, I unpicked the original covers and made the pattern from that. I've had this armchair 8 years it was given to me by my sister, its seen many a home in London and even had a visit to Suffolk, and is where most of the teasemade magic happens, it is so comfy. It really does need a new cover now but I love it so, maybe I'll just start patching it up and it will become a piece of work in itself. I'm not sure if my love for grey gingham came before or after the armchair, all I know now is that its all rolled into one, me happy sat sewing in my armchair surrounded by a grey gingham hug.

I am tagging...

A rare action shot of me in my armchair, 2009.
The Gingham Chair of Wonder in all its glory, 2005.


  1. That's a cool chair.

    I'm liking this tagging game so i'll do mine when I get from the weekend.


  2. Nice idea. Glad I wasn't tagged though - managed to delete 7yrs worth of our photos from the hard drive last week so am officially photoless. Miss C was not best pleased. ooops.


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