Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Folksy Upcycle : Elephante

Elephant made from second hand finds: a cardigan that has been slightly felted, a pillow case, buttons and cushion stuffing. 30cm tall.

Folksy Upcyle Christmas is an auction event that will start on the 7th Dec, all items are made from second hand items by Folksy shop sellers, the idea is that the items are bid for with all the proceeds going to Sue Ryder Care. An excellent idea for a fantastic cause. The support given by the likes of Sue Ryder are essential for a holistic approach needed for people faced with life altering conditions. I for one can't think of a better way than creativity to encourage awareness and raise funds.

When I heard of the upcyle idea it made me think of my art school teens and the excitement of trawling for hidden treasures in a huge charity shop run in our disused town cinema. I used to love making new things from old fabrics and digging in ice cream tubs full of buttons. Even fonder childhood memories of proudly wearing clothes that my mum had made, being the youngest of three girls I’d often get the same dress 2 or 3 times as I grew in size.

So my inspiration for ‘Elephante’ is hugely drawn from my childhood. I had an elephant when I was little, he was an odd looking pink and white little fella that I adored, my design is based on my memory of my 70’s little friend. His body is made from the sleeve of a cardigan, the ears from pockets and the legs from the belt. I found the pillow case a few years ago, it is the same print that me and my sisters had as children in our bedroom, matching curtains and bed spread. Never fails to bring a smile to my face. The buttons are from my ever growing collection of used buttons from all sorts of places a habit I picked up from my mum, I used to spend hours sorting her buttons into colours from the cupboard treasure trove of textile goodness. And finally the embroidered words are from a line of a song my mum used to sing to us as children… “Save all your kisses for me”

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