Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Blackwork lapel pins and rings

A splash of colour for your fingers and coat collar, we all need it at this time of year although saying that I can almost imagine that it is not Winter at the moment - I'm not its hugest fan. I've been lost in a world of colour making all sorts of variations of these bright colours swatches on grey linen, and bookmarks I'll show those next.

The lapel pins are 19mm buttons, clutch back, I've been wearing mine on my favourite tweed hat sets them off nicely.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Colourful Blackwork Hearts

Pink Yellow Blackwork WIP

After my addiction to colourful blackwork brooch making of the circular variety, I thought I'd break out the hearts. I do love a heart, how can you not?!? And, to my surprise they make for a rather pleasing pattern making shape, worth their tricky making that's for sure. It may look like I have an unhealthy obsession with pins, but the shape does not hold together with the many layers of fabric, I promise!

All Hearts Blackwork WIP

Pattern rough blackwork heart2

Green Blue Blackwork WIP

Pattern rough Blackwork heart

Blackwork hearts scale

Blackwork love token WIP

So far I've only made one of each colour as I'm enjoying experimenting with pattern and colour too much, so I may keep this more of an experimental range. If there is a colour and pattern you like let me know, I'm happy to make things to order. 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Coloured Blackwork Swatch Brooches

Colour has been the fresh on my needle this year with coloured Blackwork swatches, and quite a few of them. I've been quite enjoying simplifying the elements of stitch, pattern and colour, and then sometimes getting quite carried away. Something tells me I won't tire of this easy. I have plenty more I want to make.

Brooches, Blackwork on linen.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Peacock project

Hello again, I'm back and all is well! I've been stitching this for a little while now an ongoing project, those of you that follow me on instagram will have seen some of these photos and helped me with my quandaries along the way. Firstly, awesome Liberty fabrics that I have been desperate to use since I got them. The feather one is called Hera and the one with actual peacocks on it is called Juno's Garden, it's kind of a shame that I worked the blackwork so densely that the peacocks are obscured, but I like the secret peacocks. I wanted to achieve a rich colour and show the different textures of the feathers in the single colour. A tricky one.

I got quite captivated by his eye while stitching it.

Obsessed by late night-early hour stitching and pinning.

Confused by what headband to put it on, the general thumbs up was for black. I've yet to stitch it on as I have the felt to attach to the back first. I should ask what he prefers really. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Zebra Finch Brooches

Zebra Finch liberty broches

The Zebra Finch brooches have been in the making for some time. Rather than just stitch a bird onto one Liberty Print, I wanted to see what it would look like on a few, so that is how the Zebra Finch brooches came about. I'm also thinking about stitching up some of my other birds onto other prints, there are far too many Liberty Prints to love, and well the birds like them!

Zebra finch brooch pink

Turquoise Floral Zebra Finch

Zebra finch brooch multi

Here are some making photos that show the stages, I thought it might be interesting. Zebra Finchtastic, toot toot.

Zebra finch brooch sketch

Zebra Finch stages

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Azure Tit Birdseeker

Azure Tit Birdseeker

The Azure Tit, the beautiful Eastern cousin of the colourful Blue Tit. I adore the white, grey and blue feathers of the feathered Azure Tit, so delicate, I'd love to see one. Unfortunately they are a rare sight in Europe and for some reason they mostly like to holiday in Finland, who wouldn't? For now they remain in the stitched garden of my dreams.

Azure Tit WIP

Lord Paisley Liberty Tana Lawn. Blackwork and satin stitch. 

Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Blue Tit and waste canvas

This was a Christmas present for my sister, we fight (nicely) over hot water bottles so I thought I'd make her a super special one, though I'm now tempted to steal it. Stitched on snugly fleece using waste canvas it was nice and easy apart from the velcro opening trying to eat my hand, it's hungry stuff! My stitching arms had been getting pretty grumpy on the run up to Christmas so I thought I'd try out a new kind of lap frame as I only ever had a huuuuuge one for larger projects and stitched small things freehand. This robotic wooden arm has proved to be really helpful. 

Now tempted to stitch the blue tit on everything, I have to say I do prefer using this plastic water soluble kind of waste canvas even if it does take a while to melt behind the stitches. I tend to stitch quite tightly so the thread kind of waste canvas is a tweezer nightmare. But that could be just me, it's OK on small things.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Happy Craftmas Review & Giveaway

Firstly, I know you want to hear about the fab giveaway by, we have a £30 voucher for one lucky winner up for grabs. They have loads of craft things to choose from not just beads and buttons, fabric, haberdashery items, paper craft - you could certainly happily spend your winning voucher.

Obviously we all know I have issues with hoarding buttons, so asking me to do a product review on buttons is a dangerous game. OH MY! A HORSE ON A BUTTON. Can’t get much better than that, Obviously, I imagine tiny cowboys with each of those horses but maybe that’s just me, they look rather marvellous on a woolly cardigan. The buttons themselves are perfect sturdy antiqued bronze, 15mm, with a shank. Pack of 20 £4.99.

This is a lovely large bird decorative button - can you see the little fish? 30mm dia about 5mm deep, the colours are bright and it is a really sweet print. The wooden buttons are a nice smooth quality on all sides would be great for all crafting/sewing projects, I imagine them on some feature cushions. Pack of 10 £1.75

These Rainbow Dress It Up novelty buttons are so super cute, moulded from retro style designs they are rather fab. Some of the backs have mould press markings on them, so these are more of your craft/paper craft projects if you prefer your buttons to be ultra-smooth-backed for sewing. You get 2 of each colour way the full colours and patterns are in the top photo, pack of 20 £2.45.

Now let’s talk about scissors, I use embroidery scissors a lot day to day and my staple is the stork style scissors. I’ve tried many a brand, been fooled by fat over fed storks, too chunky, really I have no idea what happened but it was a sad sorry experience that still haunts me. So Prym, I swiftly add, is so far a top contender for best quality low price stork scissors that I've found. I really like that the blades are a smooth and cone-like as opposed to flat, they slip under stitches nicely. The blades are sharp and close together, a slim light pair of 9cm scissors that stay shut. (And it’s a bird)£7.99 

Fiskars classic quick clip, now I’ve wanted to try such a contraption for a long time and it’s true you do feel like Edward Scissorhands and I was quite satisfied. Really comfy ergonomic handle and easy to use despite its unfriendly looking appearance. As well as cutting threads it also cuts fabric smoothly, I found in a making session *shock horror* I was using it more than Mr Stork. Now was that sheer novelty? It just felt comfy to use and I didn’t have to slip my fingers into the scissor hole to open them – lazy? Ease? One thing I do know where it does fall short is that I can’t take it out with me as the blades always stay slightly open (unless I made a bag), this is where my good old trusty stork style wins on travel factor and size, these are much bulkier. Fiskars Classic Quick clip

Hmmm, if I could only take one pair on a desert island it would be a trusty pair of Prym stork scissors, but I’d dream of Edward ‘quick clip’ Scissorhands.

  • ·         Giveaway time!!! A £30 voucher could be yours to spend at the voucher will be emailed to the lucky winner.
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  • ·         Closing date for the competition is 23rd December 12am.
  • ·         Winner will be announced on the blog and via email on the 24th December.
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  • ·         Thank you and good luck!!

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Latest Linen Bird Brooches

Mr Blue Tit Linen Teasemade

The latest linen birds of the needle are Mr Blue Tit and Cardinal Birdseeker, they sound like a rather distinguished pair don't they? Don't be fooled, they are always up to mischief, I can't turn my back for a second when these two get together. Please send help!

Cardinal Linen Brooch

Friday, 29 November 2013

Cardinal Birdseekers - WIP

Cardinal Birdseeker Teasemade WIP

In between commissions I've been making Cardinals this month, and very jolly they have been on the needle. Having finally learnt how to make hexies from the lovely ladies over at &Stitches on a stitching day out, a while back (thanks, lovelies!), I so wanted to use them on a piece of work. The Cardinal has also been on the stitch list for a long time, such a marvellous quiff! I hope I've done him proud.

Here are just a few work in progress photos, I'm stretching him up onto a canvas. The little dude at the end is a brooch, I just need to photograph them for the shop, things have been busy here with commissions.

Cardinal Pins WIP Teasemade

Cardinal WIP Teasemade

Cardinal badge wip

A heads up, I will be closing both shops on the 4th of December early for Christmas as I'm going into to hospital, nothing serious just to sort my headaches (boring, but but cosy pj time for me- yay!). The shops may be closed for 2 weeks for a bit of rest. So, if you were planning to shop for Christmas you'll need to do so by the 4th, sorry!